Plant Of Life CBD Hash 1g 3.8%

Plant of Life

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Plant of Life take pride in the level of originality ensuring supreme quality products with an exceptional level of purity.

Having their own genetic strains of the products gives them the ability to have proper CO2 extraction processes, and much better quality control, allowing Plant of Life to offer you top quality products with noticeable originality and cleanliness catering to a very demanding market.

Plant Of life 3.8% solid is an all-natural product, manufactured from 100% organic EU approved hemp strains. Their Solid is made by combining CO2 extracted CBD with the flavour terpenes of the original classics.

-3.8% CBD solid
-1G total unit
-THC <0.2%
-Non-psychoactive product


Lemon Haze


OG Kush


Gorilla Glue




THC level<0.2%

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