12 x Cannasa botanical 2.5mg CBD Infused Drink 275ml - Peach & Jasmine

Cannasa Botanicals

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Seize a good feeling with Cannasa. A simple botanical drink with CBD has everything you need to refocus and re-balance to feel upbeat about yourself.

- 12 x 275ml Drinks

- 2.5mg CBD Per Bottle

- Peach & Jasmine Flavour

Cannasa is a natural refreshment made with all natural ingredients and botanicals that complement the workings of CBD. Cannasa helps you re-balance during or at the end of the day with what ever you may be engaged with. Made for you and not at the expense of the planet.

For Body & Mind

Cannasa botanical is an excellent drink that provides you with a refreshing taste and hydration you need after your yoga session. Your mind is relaxed, your body is invigorated and you feel peaceful. Now take a sip of Cannasa. It is packed with natural fruit juices, unique botanicals that complement our special CBD. It will help you make the transition into the chaos of reality much less stressful.


Sparkling water, beet sugar, lemon, apple and peach fruit juices from concentrate, natural flavourings, jasmine extract

2.5 mg CBD per bottle

THC level<0.2%

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